How to enhance your sales success through customer acquisition

There are few sales-related issues that present as many mental barriers to success as customer acquisition. In order to circumnavigate these painlessly, we have developed a sales seminar which enables you to rapidly implement tried and tested sales techniques. You can find out how we do this and why we employ the three concepts we do on this website.


Finding success with three sophisticated concepts

Get an initial overview of the three concepts which will help you sell more successfully here. No matter whether you are trying to gain new customers with warm or cold calling, or attempting to regain customers you have lost, our concepts and techniques will help you achieve this every time. The secret to success is hidden in the simple golden rule “Instead of selling, let them buy”. Your customers will be thrilled when they see their expectations confirmed and their wishes fulfilled.

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Your sales concept

This way, your customer develops ideas and solutions and you let him buy your products and/or services rather than selling them to your customer. You confidently lead them to their goal, thereby improving your sales results and significantly reducing the effort you have to put into selling.
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Your implementation concept

You will implement expert knowledge during your daily work routines and make use of sales-promoting solutes. Your success rate in the areas of new customer acquisition, re-acquisition of lost customers and the closing of deals will rise significantly.
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Your training concept

In order to achieve this we bundle different kinds of learning into one motivating, varied learning experience, combined with an implementation workshop and a clear focus on improving and optimizing your sales results. With this, we leave behind the classic seminar once and for all.
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What our customers say!

In order to improve my customer acquisition skills I attended a training session on questioning techniques with Talent-Training. The seminar and the individual acquisition conversation guide were very practice-oriented and therefore a great inspiration to me. The questioning techniques I learnt are superb because they lead straight to the goal. I can only recommend this training.
Dr. Izabela Noll, Key Account Manager
Instead of selling,
let them buy!

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